gscan2pdf paper geometry on Fujitsu S1500 in Linux

I have been in the process of going paperless now that I have a bulk scanner, a Fujitsu S1500 (a great Ebay bargain). What a difference it has been making to my life. I have got rid of lots of paper archives and uploaded to the cloud. One document of 90 pages went through in a flash and is now uploaded to my Evernote. An old book of prayers (out of copyright) was pulled apart and is now uploaded.

I am very pleased with the Fujitsu S1500. I did download the Windows software to use on a Windows machine I have access to but as I usually work in Ubuntu I have ended up just using it in my favourite operating system. It performs very well in Linux using the gscan2pdf interface which is already part of the Ubuntu repository.

A simple problem I had was telling the scanner what paper size I was using when in gscan2pdf. I looked for answers on the web but found nothing very clear so I figured it out myself. This is my offering for anyone else who had been puzzled and is still looking for the answer.

In the picture below I have entered the numbers for an A4 sheet. Whatever odd size you want to scan, you simply measure it in millimetres and add those measurements to the bottom two fields where it says page width and page height.

You then need to add a second lot of measurements that will be only slightly less than the page width and page height. Bottom-right x is the width and bottom-right y is the height.  An easy way is to put in something in less, then using the up arrow the correct number will be chosen for you. For the example below, with a page width of 209.97 (width of an A4 page) you put in the ‘bottom-right x’ field the number 209.00 then click on the up arrow (which is to the right of the field) and the maximum number available will be chosen automatically. You then do something similar with the ‘bottom-right y’ field

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