Help: Recovering data from an old dvd

So is it possible? I know that they deteriorate with age due to the effects of light on the core material. Is it possible to read an old one by using an old (and therefore slow) dvd drive?

Any comments appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Help: Recovering data from an old dvd

  1. You might want to look into dd. In noerror mode, it will copy the raw data off the DVD into an .iso, which you can then mount and browse. Some data may be gone, but it will be a good deal more readable than just sticking it into the drive.


  2. I’m having trouble recovering data from a DVD too.

    My computer is saying the DVD-R is completely empty. I know that it isn’t, and I can see the ring of discolouration on the disk from where the information was burned onto it about ten years ago.

    The computer says that the disk is full with 0 bytes.

    Is it dead? Is this the end? Is it too late to get anything by looking into dd?

  3. Yep, I used DD before when sian corrupted her dissertation on her usb stick. Definitely the way to go. Well done on replying to Daniel’s comment before he posted too – must be the prophetic in you !

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