Hen House Light

Shortly after getting my new hens settled in they stopped laying!

Once I did a bit of research it looked likely that the reason was the shortening of the days. I discovered that their combs are light sensitive and by boosting the hours of light they get the hormonal system kicks in and they start to lay again. So if I could get some light into the coop all would be well.

At first it seemed a lot of bother and likely to be expensive. But then I discovered these amazing LED spotlight bulbs (click on the picture of a full size view). They are the standard GU10 so they fit in a standard fitting. They only use 2Watt of power! Because my single light is on a timer it uses a tiny amount of power in a day. Mine have 21 LEDs in them but I think the lower power ones would still work.

I got the cheapest fitting I could find as it is only the hens that will see it and I don’t think they are fussy. As my hen house is a small one in the front garden for just four hens it was easy to run a cable there and get the system going.

I had to wait about a week for the effect to kick in but now they are laying again. First one was laying for the last three days and today another has joined in.

Glad I got them, my hens are great.

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