How to get Gmail to automatically send to Evernote

Gmail is, in my opinion, the best email provider. Though is not bad either, Gmail is part of a great wider service that includes Drive, etc.

I wanted important emails that are waiting to be actioned to be sent automatically from my Gmail to my Evernote. I turned to the amazing for the easy solution.

IFTTT stands for “If That Then This”.

The IFTTT site is surprisingly easy to work with considering the clever job it does for the user behind the scenes.

The instructions you create are called recipes by IFTTT and they are made by clicking on large coloured tiles, where each represents an action. You can see my Gmail to Evernote recipe below, though I can not take credit for it as it was a ready made receipe on the IFTTT site. This is the link to it:

I created a label in my Gmail called Evernote. Now, as a result of this recipe, if I drag that label on to any email in Gmail it is automatically sent to my Evernote.

There are many more ready made recipes on the IFTTT site. Something for most common purposes. Have fun!

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