I never knew this! #Hearingaids and dementia, depression, short term memory loss.

I have had my hearing tested and am waiting to be fitted with my first set of hearing aids.

I like gadgets so I am rather looking forward to them. As they are free on the NHS, as are all the batteries, check-ups, fittings, etc I decided to go that route rather than pay and go private. The audiologist said that even if I want to spend money on something more advanced later I would be well advised to start with NHS ones so that I would then know exactly what else I needed. Locally they provide good Phonak ones.

Once I discovered I needed hearing devices I started reading up them and came across this quote:

“Hearing loss, if not treated, can affect the brain. If the brain doesn’t receive the signal for a particular sound due to hearing loss it starts losing the ability to decode that sound. This has been linked to dementia, depression and short term memory loss.”

Wow, I hope I get mine soon!

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