In Praise of the N97 Screen

I still cannot get on with the keyboard (with the space bar in the wrong place). Due, probably, to years of using a compact keyboard of the sort on the Palm Treo, Nokia E71 and E72.

Apart from the keyboard though, the N97 is a good phone.

The operating system is Symbian and until recently I would have thought that OS had a short life expectancy. Now Symbian has gone Open Source I think it will rise again. It is after all an OS that works, can run more than one application at the same time, is stable and is easy on the eye.

So what is good on the N97? I watched the already installed Shrek trailer and it looked great on the small screen. I could see this phone making a good travelling companion as it is also a good reader for ebooks. If you are reading Nokia, I think a good ebook reading programme would be good. There are ebooks ready to download that are combined with the reader, but what about a reader that can cope with various ebook formats? I installed MobiReader but it lacked the style that a good reader programme could make of the quality N97 screen.

Something that makes excellent use of the N97 screen is ViewRanger a GPS programme that uses Ordinance Survey maps.

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