Intrepid Ibex – A Happy Upgrade?

I have currently have Ubuntu on four machines, server, laptop, home desktop and office desktop. I upgraded them all (aside from the server) from “Hardy” (8.04) to “Intrepid” (8.10).

I aught to write myself a letter to be read next time I am about to upgrade my Linux installation.

And am I happy with the recent upgrade? Over all yes, but…

Next time I need to ask myself, “Do I really need to upgrade?” Everything was working okay but since upgrading I have not been able to get my SCX-4100 MF printer working. I have it printing now, but it no longer scans. I might get it sorted but it is about finding the time to do so that is the problem. Even getting it to print was a problem as the driver I have is a bit old and the current one is not downloading from the Samsung web site.

The laptop is not behaving now either. I had got the sleep and hibernate functions to work on the Thinkpad R50e in Hardy. In Intrepid neither of them are working now!

Apart from the printer and Thinkpad problems, “Intrepid” works fine. The syncing of my PDA (Palm Treo 680) works better as it no longer hangs occasionally. Other than that I am not sure I have gained much.

I like the new default font rendering on screen with Intrepid but I now know I could have had it in Hardy by going to System> Preferences> Appearances> Fonts and select Subpixel smoothing LCD. Then click on Details, and under Hinting choose Slight. If you don’t like it at least the option is there to experiment so you can settle on what suits.

Back to Intrepid, it seems to load quicker, but perhaps it is a delusion because I think Ubuntu is great. But still, next time it might be a good idea not to be such and early adopter.

3 thoughts on “Intrepid Ibex – A Happy Upgrade?

  1. Mmm. A little different with Windows as with Ubuntu the upgrade is every six months, not so with Windows.

    I was in a computer shop earlier in the year, April or May I think, and someone came in and asked how much it would cost to have Vista put on his laptop. The reply was roughly as follows,

    “First we will need to see if you computer has sufficient processor speed, memory and graphics to take the upgrade. Then you will need to decide if you are willing to wait, as currently we have a waiting list.”

    “Is Vista that popular then?”

    “No, the waiting list are all business people wanting us to remove Vista from their new laptops and installing XP instead!”

    I think the upgrade problems with many of the Linux distributions is that geeks like me want to upgrade as soon as possible and so end up using systems that have not got the teething troubles sorted. It is a self-inflicted injury I know, but I can live with it as it is fun. Now when did someone last say that about Windows?

  2. By the way just in case you think I was taking you too seriously, I saw the wink. I know that you know better.

    I predicted that Vista was going to be the new ME (the ill-fated Windows flop) and would be replaces as soon as possible. I see they are now hailing Vista’s replacement, Windows 7 which looks very “linux”

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