IPad not Kindle Killer

I have been wondering what the new Apple product would be like and I had guested it would be a giant iPhone. It seems I was pretty much right on after all.

Perhaps we should feel sorry for Microsoft. They have launched their tablet computers twice and both times nobody has taken any notice.

I had expected a better screen on the iPad though. I have been looking at a friend’s Kindle and am so impressed with it. The screen is so clear and easy on the eye, much better than a back-lit screen like a laptop or iPad for reading from for a long time.

I can not see the iPad killing the Kindle just yet then. The Kindle is good to read from, can be slipped into a jacket pocket without it seeming like a piece of luggage. The batteries last for 2 weeks if you are not using the wireless. Just the thing for travelling. I once went to Turkey backpacking and forgot to pack a book. After a few days of not being able to read I was willing to pay a ridiculous price for a week old English language newspaper. A compact, light Kindle would have been great.

My reservation about Kindle, and perhaps it will be the same for the iPad, are the restrictions on the books that people have bought. If I have bought a book, (a paper one that is) and I now own it, I can lend it to a friend or give it away. I can leave my whole library to someone when I pop my clogs. Not so with a Kindle or with other ebook formats. Only the buyer can own it. Though it is as though I never own it, they only lease it. In that case I think they should be VERY much cheaper than a real book.

3 thoughts on “IPad not Kindle Killer

  1. What’s all this nonsense about you bequeathing someone your library in your will? You don’t keep any of your books! If I want to borrow one I have to rescue it from a bag before it goes to the charity shop!

    The only thing you’ll leave anyone in your will is an extensive library of second hand shoes and a collection spare bicycle parts. Harrumph!

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