Is there an easy way to sync Google Tasks to Astrid? Or import #GoogleTasks to #Astrid? Yes there is.

You can use Astrid to manage your Google tasks on your Android (and iPhone), syncing with your Google Tasks. Or you can switch to Astrid and import all your Google Tasks.

Astrid is an excellent free cross-platform task/list manager and has many bells and whistles available many people will never get around to using. It claims to be: “A todo list / task tracking system for Google’s Android platform that is built with your productivity in mind. Astrid’s goal is not to be the most feature-complete task organizer, but to be the most simple solution that helps you stay productive.”

The Astrid Android app is great, elegant and clutter free design. You can even have it set up to notify you of a task when you get to a location, due to it being able to use the GPS feature of your phone. Extra features are available through the powerpack with is not free but still good value.

Though I have been happily using Google Tasks for a while (handy to have them at the bottom corner of my emails tab) I have decided to switch completely to something more feature rich. So this is also how to import your Google Tasks into Astrid.

Go into setting and choose Sync & backup.

The next choice is to choose what you want your Android to sync with.You can choose to sync with the Astrid web interface (which is what I wanted to do eventually) or with Google Tasks.

I first of all chose Google Tasks and all my lists were imported. I then went back and de-selected the Google Tasks and selected The headings for my Google Tasks lists were lost but all the tasks remained in the category of “Not In My Lists”. I then allocated them to my various Astrid lists.

I no longer have the handy task list at the foot of my emails but I had been finding it too limited. I now keep a tap open at my Astrid home page and find it much better.

The one thing I don’t like about Astrid is the logo. What is that strange creature?

5 thoughts on “Is there an easy way to sync Google Tasks to Astrid? Or import #GoogleTasks to #Astrid? Yes there is.

    • Sometimes I use Chrome, sometimes I use Firefox. I aught to make up my mind. I will give the Chrome extension a try.

      Thanks for the comments, and all the best for the development of Astrid.

    • Well Preston, I gave it a go. I had been inconsistent regarding which browser I used, often using Firefox. For a number of reasons I have switched to Chrome for most things. Since you suggested it I tried using the tasks at the bottom corner of Gmail like I had been used to. But as Astrid does so much more than Gtasks I have found having a tab open with a more fuller Astrid so much better, so I have stuck with that. I am very pleased with Astrid.

  1. Hello
    Is this feature available with AStrid chrome extension ? I have not all these choices on my settings menu ? Only: account / import/ premium/ password/ preferences & themes … Import choice shows me only remember the milk import …
    So where is the google tasks import ???? What I want is to migrate the current google tasks I handle to Astrid tasks ….

    • Yes it is available as an extension it is the “Remind Me – By Astrid” extension and it will add the option to have Astrid tasks where the Google ones were, or should I say it gives an option to have one or the other. It will import too. Have fun!

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