Liking Gnome Shell

I have been trying Gnome Shell and have decided I like it.

I hope the traditional Gnome will be kept as an alternative for older machines though, as I have one older machine that does not seem to have the graphic capabilities to run Gnome Shell.

I have completely switched to GS for my office machine and find the working environment so much more practical for everyday use.

I remember when a Microsoft computer was a black screen with green letters, while at the same time a Mac was far more advanced and had everything in separate panes. Eventually Microsoft tried to catch up with their Windows. Some would say they are still trying to catch up with their Linux-like Windows7.

Linux has had its own style and seemed to develop into two main (there are others!) types of desktop environments, Gnome and KDE. KDE seemed to be what Vista was trying to copy with as many bells and whistles as possible (except KDE has always worked). I used KDE as my main Linux desktop for a few years even though I find it irritating that their applications are all named beginning with a ‘K’. Who thought that was either clever or cute?

In contrast, Gnome seemed to shy away from anything that was not very useful or elegant. Shades of William Morris?

Some might say that Gnome looks old fashioned as it looks very much like the first Mac I ever used in the 1990s. But I think it is simple and elegant. It also works as an efficient desktop environment.

Now Gnome looks like it is to be updated with Gnome Shell and I hear it will be part of the new release of Ubuntu in April. I will be happy to see it.

If, like me, you enjoy using it and want to use the most up to date experimental version. Add a new software repository to your software sources so you always have the latest release. You can get details from here.

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