Linux, Windows 7 and me

Windows7 is released today and in London customers queued in the streets overnight to be the first to get a copy.

Big deal! Not long now and a new release of Ubuntu is out.

Ubuntu (the Linux brand I currently use) releases a new version every six months. Windows 7 is supposed to be the “Linux Killer” according to Microsoft, and has copied most of its features from Linux or Mac, but it will not win me over from Ubuntu (though I am keeping my eye out for the release of Google Chrome OS).

Microsoft recognised the advantages of Linux as far back as 2003 when they used Linux to run their websites. I have also heard that Microsoft currently uses Linux for their Intranet instead of their own Windows based system. I have not myself seen any articles about this so don’t know how true this is. Anyone know about this?

A word of warning for those upgrading to Windows7 from Vista, there is a known bug, though Microsoft have a solution for it . What sort of a company ship out a new operating with a known bug in it?

To get an idea how difficult it might be to upgrade from Vista see the BBC article here.

My advice is, if you are the sort of driver who never wants to lift the bonnet of your car and fiddle about, a Mac is the computer for you. If you don’t mind getting to know how things work, choose Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora are two of the free operating systems that are easy to install and easy to use). If you like to have what everyone else has and you don’t mind a car that brakes down often, and likes to buy lots accessories for it, I think you are the ideal Windows customer.

2 thoughts on “Linux, Windows 7 and me

  1. The only addition I’d make to that “which computer do you want to buy” would be specialist applications such as accounting software and games would probably force a user down the Windows track – though virtualbox under linux or intel mac would be a good workaround to get some applications working (apps that will cope with virtualisation).

  2. That is indeed my case. Although translation memory software exists for Mac, the Windows-only programme I use is far superior to anything else available for any OS. Also portable applications make my life so much easier, but I’d have to abandon that system if I moved onto Mac. I’ve flirted with the idea of switching OS, but I’m afraid I’m sticking with MS Windows for now.

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