Lost in France

I am having great fun using my Dell Streak 5. Have had it two weeks and I love many features of it. A word of warning though about the keyboard.

Dell Streak Keyboard

The key to the left of the space bar only needs to be tapped to cycle through all the languages you can type in. If you don’t realise this you may be surprised. I got stuck in French. All the word predictions were in French. It took me a while to realise what I had done and how to get out of it. I wasted time looking in the wrong place in the settings. All I had to do was keep pressing the language key to cycle through the languages.

I have since been into settings and unselected all the languages I do not need.
To do that touch the menu button, then Setting> Language and Keyboard> where it says ‘Select language’ select yours. Under text settings select either ‘Swype’ or ‘Android keyboard’> then Input languages> then deselect all the languages you do not want to be available from that keyboard key.

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