N97 Mini Out of the Box

It arrived, the trial Nokia N97 Mini. Though it came charged, I was sitting working at my computer at the time so could use the USB charger. A plug-in charger came with it but as it only has a two-pin shaver plug I can not use it until I get my hands on an adapter.

It is small enough to be a handy phone but is a bit heavier than I was expecting as my E71 and E72 are both lean and light. The build quality is what I would expect from a Nokia, excellent.

I had thought it was the sort of phone I would like to own but quickly realised that it is not. I still prefer my Nokia E72.

Odd Keyboard

Odd Keyboard

Before I had the E72 and the E71, I had a Palm Treo. So I have got used to a small querty keyboard with that standard layout. The slide out keyboard of the N97 Mini is not as as easy to use for me. I keep making mistakes, and it is slow going. The BIG problem is that the space key is in the wrong place. Who thought of that!? It is not in the centre but at the right hand side. It is just not where it should be. I do not find it quick or intuitive. It must be even worse for a left-handed person!

Wifi? I shoved in my SIM, which has a Vodafone Blackberry contract, so I can go online. So far though I can not get on to the wifi router in the office. I kept entering the WEP key but it didn’t get there.

First download was the free Nokia satnav navigation software. It is high quality and easy to use.

There are three of us in the office today so I handed it over to John to play with. But John uses such a bog standard phone anything would impress him. He went on Facebook before passing it over to Matt. But John hadn’t signed out so Matt was able to make a rude comment about John on his own Facebook.

John ready for Facebook

John ready for Facebook

Success, Matt has just got it to log on to the office wifi router. Wonder why so temperamental?

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  1. Glissando? I’ve just had to look that up. I’ve just tried it and it works. It would not have occurred to me to do it that way as I can type. What a discovery – qwertyuiop, whoops went too far.

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