No Trial of Booklet 3G

I have been offered an opportunity to trial a Nokia device and am looking forward to it.  I think I will be getting a phone, N900 or N97mini.

At first I was offered the Booklet 3G but have said to that a trial of the Booklet is probably not worth me doing after all.

Once I had looked at the thorough post I thought I would probably end up saying almost the same thing about the Booklet. I don’t like Windows and think it slows down a netbook too much, especially with the extra virus protection Windows needs (unlike Linux). I have installed Linux on a number of netbooks, some for friends, and the result always amazes the owners as the machines then all perform so much better.

The only additional comment I would anticipate making is that Nokia could produce the Booklet already as a dual-boot machine, Windows for those who want to use it and Linux (a full distro) for most use and all internet use.

The netbook I use most is the Samsung NC10 which I have as a dual-boot, XP (hardly ever use it) and Ubuntu. By plugging in my Nokia phone it automatically give me the option to use the phone as a 3G broadband dongle. It saves me having to have an extra SIM with an extra account.

I hear the build quality of the Booklet 3G is excellent, but that can not make up for the use of Windows 7 which is too much of a let down in my opinion. I think Windows 7 on a netbook is it too slow to be of any good use.

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