Nokia Online Calendar

Is broken?

I had a Nokia E71. I liked it so much that my next phone was a Nokia E72. I am still using it. It has many great features (see previous post).

A great feature has been that the phone automatically synchronises over the air with, the Nokia site. This means that the phone can be restored if needs be. I even used that to transfer all the Ovi stored phone content of the E71 to download it with the E72. also had file storage service so users could sore files that could be accessed from their computers or their phones. This was never any good to me as it was not compatible with Linux and was only suitable for Windows users. They discontinued this service.

What WAS handy though was the ability to see my diary online at, which was always a clone of my phone’s calendar. But there is now a problem. It has stopped working. I get the error message “We are unable to confirm if you have existing calendar, to-do and notes data for import. Try again now?”
Looking at the Nokia support forums this seems to have been a fault since August 2010 and is still going on now. There is a great deal of frustration out there.

The home page of is prettier than it used to be but with less options available and a calendar that doesn’t work, grrr. Have Nokia abandoned the business phone market? The E72 was a great Blackberry-like phone. But without this feature it has lost ground.

Is this a fault with all Nokia phones now?

At the bottom of the calendar page Ovi asks – Would you recommend Calendar? I said no, it is broken!

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