Scanner Top E72 App

Some phone applications are just toys, not so with the scanner app that comes pre-installed on the Nokia E72.

I am continuing my trial of the N97 Mini and was surprised to see this fantastic application missing. I would have thought it would have worked well with the quality camera of the N97

The scanner is an amazing tool for study or business. By holding the E72 over a page of text the text can be converted by the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software into text that can be saved and inserted into documents or emails.

This is how to do it:

Open the scanner programme in the ‘office’ folder. It will then look as though the phone has gone into camera mode but there will be a small two choice menu on the right. Choose the bottom one which is the OCR. Now hold the phone over a piece of text (you can fit in about 30% of an A4 sheet of paper) and click.

Wait until the software has finished processing and you will see a screen full of text. Now what to do with it? First I choose edit from the menu at the bottom left of the screen. I then select exit from the bottom right option. When I am asked if I would like it to be saved as a note I say yes. I could have edited before saving as a note but I prefer to get it saved first. I can then edit the note making it ready to insert into a document or for emailing.

At first I tried to email the scan result directly as that is one of the options, but I found that not all of the text was getting in to the emails so I reverted to the above method.

I had the same app on my E71 but the results were not as reliable, perhaps due to the E71 only having a 3.2MP camera compared to the 5MP of the E72.

If you have an E72 and you have not yet tried this, give it a go. More useful than some of the toys out there.

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