Server or Online Storage?

Today is Saturday and, as I am not preaching tomorrow, and the day being more relaxed than usual Saturdays I decided to check the stats on my blog. I have noticed I get a lot of hits to my post about vnc on my server.

It was after my backup mishap (see In Praise of Backupand More Praise for Backups) that I opted for a server of my own. I find that having a server is great to access files anywhere I have internet access. Being able to set it up in Ubuntu was so easy, I have been able to use the Ubuntu backup programme to automatically backup my main desktop to my server. Soon I will backup my church office desktop to the server too.

But having a personal server is not the solution for everyone. I only did it because I had an old computer available that was easily revved up using Ubuntu.

Have you considered some of the free online storage services? They vary in the amount of storage they offer, and some do not integrate with Linux very well but ADrive offers 50GB of free online storage. Yes, 50GB!

There are more out there if you want to do a search for ‘online storage’ but some only offer as little as 1GB, and some need to install software on your machine. Some only allow you to trasfer one file at a time. ADrive works with Linus and allows you to transfer many files, and whole folders, all at once.

It is like having your own extra hard drive sitting in cyberspace.

If I were looking to use one of the free online storage services I would want one that I could set the backup programme to automatically back up t0. I am not sure if any of them can do that.

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