So which is my favourite Android keyboard?

The great thing about Android is the ability to customise so much of it so that it is just right. With some other operating systems it seems users are put in a beautiful garden but with a high wall around it so if you start to tire of the garden, tough, you are stuck there.

Keyboards I been using:

Swiftkey does not have the usual ‘swype’ feature of Android keyboards. But their beta version which included it, called Swiftkey Flow is the one I have been trying. Not bad but some people find it a bit creepy that the app wants access to your email, twitter and sms in order to learn your style. This is so it can offer you your next words accurately to speed up your typing – and it does!

There is a free and a paid version. The paid version is good value, not much more than the price of a coffee at the sign of the tax-dodging-smirking-mermaid.

Kii Keyboard is good. It is very similar to Swiftkey but does not need to have access to emails, etc. I have found it to be better at predicting the next word I need. I also like the style of it, and the huge number of different themes available. It is in the beta phase so it has frequent updates as the developer is tweaking it to get it right. Kii is free but I doubt if it will be free when it is our of the beta phase.

Adaptxt is by far the best one at predicting what the next word is that I need. Using Adaptxt I can type documents at speed. Two problems with Adaptxt though: The secondary keyboard has everything in the wrong place on the UK keyboard, and does not have the ‘swype’ facility so it is only for key tapping.

Which is my favourite? They are all good and all can be used on tablets too, or have a tablet versions.

Do I have to have a favourite though? I think I will probably continue to do what I have been doing – change from one to another from time to time simply because I can!

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