The One-Eye Thing

My friend David called recently and thanked me for introducing him to “the one-eye thing”. He meant the top gadget I use, and which I had recommended to him. He said he has been using it for over a year now and would not be without it! He too is a church leader.

Well I suppose it is a gadget, and for me it must be one of my top gadgets. I wear it in only one eye. It is a reading contact lens.
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I have listened to preachers who have been putting their reading glass on and off in such a distracting way and didn’t want to be doing that. When I started pushing 50, I realised it was my turn to need help with reading.As a minster I read often during a day. I have to do a great deal of public speaking, which has its own peculiar demands. Reading glasses would be on and off. At the time I was also a magistrate, looking down at papers then up to lawyers or defendant. There too I needed something.

One of the magistrates told me about ‘monovision’. She wore a contact lens in each eye, with one for distance and the other for close work. It turns out that this is common and the brain gets used to it so much that when she looks at something close, the brain thinks both eyes are seeing it, and the same for distance.

I got to thinking, and went off to the optician.

My right eye is good for distance but is not good for close work. My left eye has a slight astigmatism. The solution was to leave the good right eye for distance and to wear a lens on the left eye which corrected the astigmatism and magnified too.

As I said to David, if you are going to try it, give it a least a full month before deciding whether to continue. The first week it feels a bit irritating as the brain is not used to it and you see a blurring on one eye. This soon goes, and before you know it your brain thinks both eyes are seeing either the close work or the distance. I wouldn’t be without my lens.

David has no other defect in his eye so I think the optician was even more surprised at the request. I don’t see why though, at one time monocles were common, this is just a modern version.

I have other gadgets which are fun but I suppose this is one of the few that effects eternity. Because of my lens I can read, study and preach the gospel. I have seen that once Jesus enters into someone’s life, as a result of the preaching, he changes them forever.

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