Top Phone App, Anyremote

Now this is a really cool free mobile phone application. It turns your mobile into a bluetooth remote control for your laptop.

This only works if your computer runs on Linux. If you machine is a Mac you will have your own solution. If your machine runs on Windows you have enough problems already but you could try this. My advice to Windows users is to install Linux so you can choose, whenever your machine starts up, whether to run it with Windows or Linux. See previous post here and here about about how to do it.

Back to Anyremote. For Ubuntu users the programme for your laptop is already in the Ubuntu Software Centre ready for free download. If you use Kubuntu use the one beginning with ‘k’ and if you use Ubuntu use the one beginning with ‘g’ (for the Gnome desktop environment).

When installing, it should have downloaded the phone .jar file too, but if not you can download it separately from here. Then you simply transfer it to your phone and install it.

To you keep up to date with latest versions you can add the following to your software sources:

On my E72 it did not seen to work to begin with and every time I pressed the centre button the app disconnected from the laptop. Then I discovered the trick. The up, down, left and right action is as normal but to active any selection it is the phone call button that has to be pressed. Don’t know if this is only the E72 or not.

Now I can do presentations remotely or changed tracks on the music player or…

Try it and enjoy.

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