Ubuntu and Treo 680

My contract was up and I could have upgraded my phone but decided that as is it does all I want from it I would keep it and haggle for a reduced monthly fee. My phone is a Treo 680. And a red one too!

Treo 680

Syncing with Ubuntu has always been rather straight forward. In the early upgrade from Hardy to Intrepid I had problems of my palm not being found but an update came along which quickly fixed it.

For my Treo 680 the Ubuntu install wizard did it all except for one detail. As I let the installer do it’s work it eventually gets to a point where it puts in the address of where the Palm connects to the computer. I had to uncheck “serial” and change it to “cradle”. Where it said “Device” it was set to dev/pilot/  and that has to be changed to usb: by using the downward arrow on the right side of the window where “dev/pilot/” is displayed.

One gripe I have with the Treo is the internet browser is uses. I have installed Opera Mini to use as an alternative, which depending on the web site being looked at, is often better.

Getting Opera Mini is easy as it can be downloaded free from the Opera web site. But first you need to install the IBM Java VM application. For some odd reason that Java VM application is no longer included with the Opera Mini programme. It can be found on the internet and a copy can be found here.

Once you get the Java VM installed, you must set some of the options or your Opera will repeatedly crash.

To do the setting on your Java VM go to your main Palm/Treo Preferences icon and click on that. You will not see that IBM Java VM has been added. Select it and check “Use Double Buffering”, check “Use high resolution coordinates”. Don’t set anything for the HTTP Proxy, set the Memory maximum to at least 4Mb and set the Maximum Java thread stack size to 4kb.

Once you have done that you can install the Opera Mini. There are various ways to do it. You can use the Web application on your Treo (Blazer) to go to the Opera website where you can download it directly to your phone.Or you can download it to your main computer and add it as you would with any other application.

You will be asked to agree to conditions (does anyone read those?) and then you will be off and ready to go. Have fun!

One thing to remember. Cookie control is very basic so keep and eye on the last time you cleaned them out!

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