Ubuntu on NC10

The great little Netbook by Samsung, the NC10 has been out about a year now and I gave a report on how I got it going with Ubuntu (much snappier than running it on XP).

I have noticed that my previous post still gets lots of hits so I thought it is about time to add some good news.

Installing on the NC10 is now much easier. You do not need to be techie to follow these instructions as I will take you through a step at a time. Don’t worry, none of these steps will break your machine. I use the full version of Ubuntu and not the Netbook Remix. I think the screen size of the NC10 is fine for the normal installation whereas the Netbook Remix is good for the small 8 inch screens.

First go to my post Setting up Ubuntu on Samsung NC10 for the basics of sorting the XP side first. From where it says ‘Install Ubuntu’ you can now ignore the bit there about some things not working.

When once you have installed Ubuntu either using an external cd drive or a usb stick you will find that almost everything works from the beginning. However the brightness controls and the blue Fn keys will not be working yet. If that does not bother you you can leave it like that. But if not…

Step 1. Open a terminal. To do that you go to Applications>Accessories and click on terminal. It will open on old fashioned looking window. Don’t be put off the next step is easy. Copy this command and paste it in, ‘sudo apt-get install –allow-unauthenticated voria-ppa-keyring’ then press your enter key. It will ask you for your log in password. Enter your password and hit the Enter key. When it finishes go to the next step.

Step 2. In the same terminal you now paste ‘sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade’ and hit the enter key.

Step 2. Open System>Administration>Software Sources. Where it says Ubuntu software make sure all the the boxes are ticked other than source code.

Step 2. Still in Software Sources, select the tab that says ‘Other Software’. These are the places where your online software centre is located. Now you want to add a new one. Click where it says ‘Add’. When the box opens type in ppa:voria/ppa then click on ‘Add Source’. Click on ‘Close’ and when asked click on ‘Reload’.

Step 3. Open System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager. One the window has loaded put ‘NC10’ in the search window at the top. Now there will be some software just for the NC10. To select each one you need you simply click on the box next to the name. Now select ‘nc10-backlight’ and ‘nc10-scripts’ (which enables the FN keys). To apply the changes you have just made you click on the big green tick at the top.

Now restart your NC10. Enjoy, they are a great little machine.

5 thoughts on “Ubuntu on NC10

  1. Hi Artubo. put ‘nc10’ in the search field on this blog and look at the more recent posts. I think you will find your answer in adding the PPA repository.

    Sorry for late reply, been to a week long conference and have been catching up since then.

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