Walk Round Warram Percy

A short scenic country walk.

Wharram Percy is a deserted medieval village in the East Riding of Yorkshire and is about one mile south of Wharram le Street. It has been marked on maps since the early 1850s when the surveyors of the first six inch Ordnance Survey map recorded the field above the old church as ‘site of ancient village’. It used to be thought that the village was wiped out by plague but it is now believed they all simply moved away.

Some would say there is little to see now other than a ruined church and a field with lumps and bumps in it. But I think it is an interesting place to visit as I can get a sense of the history and can imagine so much of the village and it life. The church is without its roof yet still stands grandly in the valley and is worth a visit. Read the inscription the old tombstone on the inner wall dated 1687.

The church shows evidence of alterations over a period of hundreds of years. For a Christian like myself this is a fascinating ‘book’ to read. Over the last two thousand years this country has gone through periods of drawing closer to God and periods of drifting from him again. I think it easy to forget that an experience of the power of God is not only deeply satisfying to the one experiencing it but it is ‘contagious’ too.

Paul’s passionate outpouring of prayer in Ephesians was for them to experience God’s power – real experience, real power. The establishment, growth, enlargement and diminishing of the Warram Percy church recounts the story of fervent faith and revival compared to times of turning away, times of experiencing the power and forgetting it.

I can recommend the short circular walk of less than 5 miles, going clockwise from the car park, and ending in the village. Go to RouteYou.com to see the route and download the data for your GPS.

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