Wordmobi Install

I have been getting hits on my Wordmobi test post. If people have had installation problems so here are some more details.

Users of the Nokia E72 will, like me, be faced with the choice of which version to use. I used PythonForS60 1.4.5 and Wordmobi 0.8.1. Perhaps the newer version will work better. If you find it does please let me know.

You can download Python and Wordmobi from here.

Install Python first then restart your phone. I neglected to do this at first and wondered why things were not working. The same goes for after you install Wordmobi, restart your phone.

For mobile posting to WordPress I also recommend WordPress-Mobile-Admin, the WordPress plug-in that gives an option when logging in to use a mobile Dashboard format. The limitation to this, apart from having to be on-line, is that my plug-in does not incorporate the ability to insert images in posts. I may try an different one, WordPress-Mobile-Pack.

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