Beware! The College for International Co-operation and Development is on the streets of York and they want your money

He seemed a nice chap and his motives appeared to be good, but I am not sure his begging is legal. He was not collecting for a registered charity.

He said I could take his photo for my blog. Forgot to ask his name though – duh! But I did ask him if he knew much about the organisation that he has got mixed up with. He was from the College for International Co-operation and Development (CICD). I was not sure he knew it is a part of an $860 million worldwide commercial empire. The CICD is a money-making element in a large multinational business, controlled by the Teachers Group which is tainted by allegations of criminal financial misconduct.

The people at the top of the company which runs the College for International Co-operation and Development are on the run from law enforcement agencies. They collect a great deal of money but it seems impossible to find out where it all goes.

Located near Hull, the CICD is owned by a multinational organisation called the Teachers Group, which runs the Tvind-empire that owns Humana People to People. Since 2006 the leaders of the Teachers Group have been wanted by the Danish Police. In September 2006 the Danish State Attorney decided to take them to the Danish High Court for tax fraud and embezzlement but they all fled Denmark. The Danish State Attorney have since, according to legal changes, now made it possible to ask Interpol to go for and arrest the four fugitive top leaders in the Teachers Group. Amongst them the founder and number one, Mogens Amdi Petersen.

In England the charity commissioners forced the closure of Humana (one of The Teacher’s Group charities) due to financial irregularities. Before they did so, and before I knew about them, I bought a jacket at a London Humana charity shop!

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5 thoughts on “Beware! The College for International Co-operation and Development is on the streets of York and they want your money

  1. Yes, they were investigated by John Waite in BBC radio 4’s fraud and exploitation investigation programme ‘Face the Facts’ in August 2008 – why are they still allowed to keep this thing running in the UK? Some of the students who dropped out were interviewed and complained of a bogus course where they were just out fundraising with collection cans, or collecting old clothes all the time.Their website is still up, with the names and photos of the same lot who were interviewed back then, unable to explain where their money went. A measly 12% of earnings was apparently spent on charitable projects – where does the rest go?

  2. Hey,

    I’m the guy in the above picture. I knew about the thinks around CICD, Humana and all the sh*t. I have worked for 1 year for CICD, but in the end I went to Africa (Mozambique). So, I did not lie/beg on the street to anyone. I haven’t got the faintest idea where the money went that I gave to the organisation, but I don’t care actually. They booked my ticket to Africa and I tried to work and help as much as I could, but after two months I was just fed up with the whole Humana and I flew back to Europe. I never regret that time and effort I spent with them, because now I’m living in Hungary again having a good job and I guess I’m much more experienced than most of the guys in my age, so wtf???
    By the way I think CICD has a NGO reg. number had on the cover page of the magazines.
    And those guys at CICD just want to travel, to have fun, to get to know new cultures, to study new languages and of course to HELP. If you dislike something you should go and speak to some member of teachers group. And all after that sh*t I would buy the f*&@in’ magazine if I met a CICD student on the street in the future even if I know the background story of the College.


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  4. I volunteered for Humana years ago, and I don’t know where the totality of the money I fund-raised went, but just making the math: I’ve risen about £3,000.00 for the college; during the time I was with them I did not spent a penny from my pocket, food and accommodation in England was provided for 10 months + sports hall leisure on a weekly basis and cinema from time to time paid by the college + return ticket to Africa (Mozambique in my case), + 8 moths in Mozambique with accommodation and a monthly allowance of about £100 as pocket money provided by Humana + investigation money (travel to Chimoio and Nhamatanda including bus, flight, food and accommodation) and camp future in Durban and return ticket to Denmark and back to England, again food and accommodation included. Also travel insurance, visa application, vaccinations against diseases such as hepatitis, typhus and tablets against malaria was also provided at the college’s expenses. If you still think the money was a huge amount and it is for the purpose of making someone at the top of the organization a millionaire, you are free to take your own conclusions, just do the math. I am not with them for a number of years and do not support anything from them any more, but had an invaluable experience in my life and would do it again if I was younger.

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