Flight to Uganda

I am writing this on the flight back from Uganda, it will posted when I next have internet access.

My regular readers will know that I have not posted for a while – been so busy. The York cycle festival organised by the Cycle Touring Club is something I usually visit but his year I completely missed that it was on. Probably because I was getting ready for the Elim camp I go to each summer.

The camp is now known as Elim Festival (see ElimFestival.com) and this was the first year in the new location near Stokesley. It went very well and the new site is great. Everyone I had feedback from was very enthusiastic.

The trip to Uganda has been to visit a project that we support in Rukanjiri called Biojemmss (see Biojemmss.com) I will write more about Biojemmss in a separate post. It is an excellent project and would welcome more sponsors.

The journey to Uganda began with my assistant Matt and I on a flight from Manchester to Heathrow for a change to a direct flight from there. As we drank coffee while overlooking the runway we saw something happening. In the distance on the runway we could see two planes with many fire engines and ambulances near.

We later found out is was a plane that had had to make an emergency landing (don’t know why) and as a result the runway was closed for a long time. Our fight from Manchester was delayed and we missed the connection from Heathrow, had to spend the night in a hotel and travel the next day.

I took a photo of the scene, though by that time much of the action was already over. I took it through the glass window, at an angle, so it is not very clear. See what you think.

Manchester Em Landing

Manchester Emergency Landing

I didn’t mind the delay too much, I like a bit of adventure. Though it meant less days for what we wanted to do in Uganda.

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