Should Brits commemorate the USA terrorism atrocity of 9/11?

I do realise 9/11 has affected us too, it dragged us into an invasion of Iraq where hundreds of thousands of civilians died as a result (something for which our nation shares responsibility). But having said that, should the events of 9/11 have been filling our TV screens to the extent they have been this last week as the 10th anniversary of the destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre approaches?

I am aware that some British citizens worked in the twin towers and many families in this country were left grieving, but I wonder if the 10th anniversary of the terrorism in Madrid will be marked in the same way, or our own 7/7 bomb outrages.

It seems to me this foreign tragedy is getting a higher profile than the terrorist attacks our own nation has experienced over past decades and is featuring more than I would have thought natural. It is about as much coverage and the two world wars get each year as we lead up to remembrance day in November. I wonder why that is so.

Perhaps the USA have assumed that, as the centre of their empire, all their vassal states will share the US’s period of remembering and reflection, and so have produced loads of commemorative TV material for us and other countries that shared their ‘war on terror’. I am at a loss why the British media would have thought that way though. I am surprised that the British media has scheduled things as they have, as though we are part of the US and still grieve with them.

Have I judged the national mood here wrongly? Am I out of step with the majority in this country?

This whole thing puzzles me and fascinates me.

2 thoughts on “Should Brits commemorate the USA terrorism atrocity of 9/11?

  1. Hello. I’m from the states. I find it interesting that this is the case. I’m of the opinion that there should be more rallying behind the victims and families of victims of the terrorist attacks in your country. However, I gotta say…I think it’s incredibly benevolent of the British media to be so kindly and respectful in light of these events. I’m always encouraged when I see this sort of thing. I’m not very well educated in the history between America and Britain besides the events surrounding the American revolution, but I know that we’ve been allies for a long time. I tend to think that Britain has always been kind of like an older brother. Haha. The issue of international relations has always been somewhat of an ambiguous subject for me. But, to see such compassion in response to all that has happened makes me optimistic. What I mean to say is, while I agree with you on the issue of there needing to be more support ‘back home’, it is good that there is somewhat an implication of brotherhood between America and Britain. It’s good to know that we have friends despite this ‘me me me’ philosophy which has become much too popular in this age!
    Also, I enjoy reading your stuff! Keep it up! Haha.

    Your friend from across the pond,
    Christine 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment Christine. I was concerned that my post may have been taken the wrong way by some, and interpreted as uncaring. Your words have reassured me.

    I pray blessings on you and yours.


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