York Easter Baptisms 2011

Once again we had the baptism on the steps of the Minster. This time it was a warm sunny day.

It is hard to anticipate how many there will be as many of the churches have baptisms of believers both before and after – not all will wait for that day. this year though we had 28 baptised that were pre-arranged and two from the crown on the spur of the moment at the invitation of the Archbishop.

My Viewpoint

My Viewpoint

As we were getting set up there was problems with the water supply. The stand-pipe we usually use had gone missing and the other was locked in the stonemason’s yard, and they were all away on holiday.

We were trying to shift water using a small cart carrying it in containers from near the tap near the Chapter House. But we had serious doubts whether we would make it in time.

My friend David Casswell (vicar of Clifton Parish) suggested the Fire Brigade. He phoned them and they agreed. They arrived and filling the tank took less than a minute. We agreed to pay if a fee was necessary, though I think they may be able to have used it as some training exercise.

Thanks again York Fire Brigade!

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