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Once again Linux puts a smile on my face!

I had been getting problems with BBC iPlayer on my Ubuntu system so went to the Ubuntu forums for advice on how to sort it. There I discovered get_iplayer.

This is a free programme from that does much more that the BBC iPlayer, it streams and records from ITV too. To give you an idea, the following is from the get_iplayer site:

About get_iplayer
This tool allows you to search, index and record/stream:

Unlike the web sites above, get_iplayer has PVR-like capabilities (like Sky+ / TiVo / Series-Link); You can save lists of programme searches which are automatically recorded when they become available so that you can watch them when you choose and on devices that cannot run Adobe Flash Player – even if you don’t have adequate broadband speeds or if your broadband streams too slowly at peak hours when you want to watch a programme.

The iPhone H.264 feeds from the BBC are higher quality than in the Flash iPlayer (normal quality).

The down side to some is that get_iplayer is controlled from the command line in terminal. Don’t be put off though, it is easy to do, full instructions are given and it is quick.

I am off on holiday soon and have saved a Wainwright Walk on my NC10 to take with me.  Will add some radio before I go too I think. Enjoy!

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