Installing Tresorit on Ubuntu

tresorit_logoWuala the secure Swiss cloud service is closing. I am sorry about that. Who to move over to was the next question and I came to the conclusion that it was between Spideroak and Tresorit. If I wanted to stay with something in Europe it had to be Tresorit.

Secure? See what it says on Wikipedia: “Since April 10, 2013, Tresorit has hosted a hacking contest, offering $10,000 to anyone who can hack their data encryption methods to gain access to their servers. Tresorit maintains that the contest is hosted on a completely independent server separate from their users’ files. In 2013 the company increased the reward to $25,000, challenging top hackers from institutions like Harvard, Stanford or MIT. The current reward is $50,000.”

I downloaded the installer but couldn’t get it to install. Yes it needs a simple command put in the terminal but I made the elementary error of missing that command. I had to contact the customer support. If you want to install Tresorit on Ubuntu this is what you do.

Download the installer from here

It will result in a file being downloaded to your machine called Make sure that file is in your Downloads folder.

Next step is to open a terminal and at the prompt you type “cd Downloads” then press the return key.

Next, copy and paste into the terminal this command:
chmod +x

Press the return key then paste the next command in which is:

You press the return key and it should have been installed.

To access the program you look in the finder and you will see the app with the logo. At this point you can drag it into the launcher at the side of your desktop like you can with any other app.


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