iplayer for Linux

How wonderful, the people at the beeb have finally got round to making their iplayer more accessible to non-Windows users.

Go to the iplayer home page and you will see an invitation (bottom right corner) to sign up to ‘labs’. I did and was surprised how easy it was. I can now download programmes to my Unbuntu netbook, my cool Samsung NC10.

I had complained to the BBC a while back as they kept advertising that programmes could be downloaded and watched later, without ever mentioning that it was limited to users of Microsoft Windows. I was not only horrified that they had given Microsoft a monopoly, but that they did not even come clean and admit it. The chap I spoke to agreed with me. Glad they have sorted it now.

Thanks to Matt for putting me onto it.

2 thoughts on “iplayer for Linux

  1. Though I use OpenOffice which includes its own presentation part called ‘Impress’ I still tend to call it powerpoint as for many that name has become the generic name for presentation software.

    OpenOffice3 (which includes Impress) is particularly good with a huge range of Firefox-like plug-ins.

    At least with OpenOffice and Impress files there is a great choice of formats you can save files in. Unlike some others I could mention.

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