My NC10 Lost Wireless in Ubuntu

I lost wireless on the last Ubuntu upgrade. I searched the forums but for a while it had me stumped. As I have dual-boot I went into the XP side and the wireless worked there fine. But not back in Ubuntu.

In the terminal, if I ran ‘iwconfig’ I got:

lo        no wireless extensions.
eth0      no wireless extensions.

Eventually I got help from here.

I downloaded a new wireless driver from the link there. I saved it to my desktop and then pasted the following in a terminal:

tar -jxf /home/graham[or your user name]/Desktop/compat-wireless*.bz2
cd compat-wireless*
sudo make install
sudo make unload
sudo make load

Text scrolled by for ages, I pressed ‘enter’ a few times, and then my wireless sprang into life. Whew!

If it happens to you, this is the answer, but I hope you are spared.

2 thoughts on “My NC10 Lost Wireless in Ubuntu

  1. Sorry to hear that Pat.

    I heard that the latest kernal upgrade was supposed to have fixed all that.

    Perhaps you could try, in your upgrades options, ticking the proposed udates and backports too. Other than that I don’t know what to say. All the best.

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