Trouble with my SCX-4100

I recently mentioned my SCX-4100 in my upgrade post.

A tip about installing the printer is to plug it in before starting the Samsung installer and let it install automatically. Yes really! Then open the printer by going to System> Administration> Printing.  A window will open with a picture of your printer in it called “Samsung SCX-4100 series”. Double click on the printer and a control panel opens and you will see the Device URI and the address in the postbox window next to where it says “Device URI”. Copy the address and paste it into a document for now. Then close the control panel and you are back to the picture of the printer. Right click on the printer and choose delete. Yes, delete it.

Now run the Samsung installer. After it is installed you must find the Device URI like you did before and past in the address you saved from before. The reason for doing this is that the installer (mine did anyway) installs a Device URI that is not the right one.

It worked for me, but no scanner yet. Hope the software driver on the Samsung website starts loading soon.

I would prefer it if the scanner could work using the Xsane GUI but I have never got it to work that way, and the Samsung interface looks so dated.

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  1. How do they expect to reach the younger generation using a version of the bible written in an archaic, antiquated language that nobody speaks any more? It really bugs me when people insist on using the AV.

  2. What, you don’t follow what I was saying?

    Perhaps I need to do this post again in plain English so all can know the real meaning of the subtle mysteries I speak of.

    But then, where is the fun in that?

    You are a translator this should be easy for you.

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