Ubuntu Add/Remove Empty

Had an odd thing happen today. I went to the Ubuntu Add/Remove software thing and the directory of all the software available was empty!

For non Linux users, I need to fill you in. Linux is more than an operating system, it also has loads of free programmes. These are simply added or removed from your machine by ticking a box.

As I said the Add/Remove directory was empty. Don’t what I had done but the solution was simple. I reinstalled the Add/Remove programme. If it happens to you open a terminal and put in the following command and it is sorted.

sudo apt-get –reinstall install gnome-app-install

One thought on “Ubuntu Add/Remove Empty

  1. Woops! Looked this up to remind myself how to reinstall and discovered the error in the above the reinstall should have had two dashes in front not one.

    The two options are:
    sudo aptitude reinstall packagename
    sudo apt-get install –reinstall packagename

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