Weather Gadget Zipcode

What a pain! It seemed simple! I had used Gnome Screenlets a while ago but didn’t stick with them. I decided I would give them a whirl again but came up against a problem.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Screenlets are the desktop gadgets that you find on the Mac known as the ‘dashboard’ and what Windows Vista has now that it has come panting up behind Mac and Linux as it tried to catch up.

The one that was a right pain to get to work was the weather gadget. To get it to work it asks that a zip code is entered for your location. Of course here in the UK we don’t have zip codes, we have postal codes, and entering one of those does not work at all. So what to do?

In one set of instructions I was told that all I had to do was just add a code which begins UKXX and you then add the number of my location. Easier said than done. They do not tell you what the numbers are. I eventually discovered that the number for York is UKXX0162. I entered it into the box and it worked!

So, how to find out the numbers? Go to the website and find your city (or the nearest one to you). I entered United Kingdom on the search box (I had to try a few times) and clicked on the ‘search’ button. A list of cities appear and an index. I found the cities beginning with ‘Y’ and saw York. I did not click on it, I got the cursor to hover over it and saw the link appear at the foot of the window and saw a number begining with UKXX. I could have right clicked and saved the link, pasted it somewhere and had a look that way.

Perhaps someone would like to compile a list of UK cities and their numbers.

Will I keep the screenlets? They are fun but I like an uncluttered desktop, so I don’t know.

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