Anyone interested in a breeding pair of Araucana chickens, the blue egg layers

Having seen some in the summer, I had been pleased to get two Araucana hens a few weeks ago at a good price from a local auction. I knew they were not mature so I have been waiting patiently for them to start laying.

I got them for the blue eggs that Araucanas lay and for the look of them with their silvery blue/grey feathers, referred to as lavender.

Now that they are starting to mature (and still no blue eggs yet) I think one of them is starting to look more and more like a cockerel. Three problems with that: I can not a crowing in my garden. The cockerel will take up a place that could be used by an egg layer. And finally, it would fertilise the eggs of all my hens so I would not be able to eat them.

If is, it must go! If I don’t get any offers I will sell the cockerel, or both, at the auctions. Unless someone can reasure me that I am mistaken, that is. I suppose I could wait until the first crow.

One thought on “Anyone interested in a breeding pair of Araucana chickens, the blue egg layers

    A rooster will not ruin your eggs. You’ll never even know if you collect and store them the in the fridge the day they’re laid. What an old wives tail ,that I think men came up with shortly after the invention of Microscopes. Leading to the inevitable discoverey of sperms true nature causing men to be squeamish as to the idea of possibly injesting any.

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