Ban Halloween

In the news today is that Stephen Fry is to stop doing Twitter because he has been accused of writing boring tweets.

I don’t do Twitter but if i did i would want to do a rant about Halloween. Trouble is Twitter posts are too short for a good rant.

I went to Sainsbury’s yesterday to meet someone in their coffee shop. I was served by someone in torn clothing with fake blood and fake wounds. All the staff were the same. They were all done up to look like zombies.

I just cannot understand the way people can be part of a celebration of death and murder and not realise what they are doing. Perhaps they imagine they ‘do it for the children’. I wonder, do they stop to think what it might do to young children?

I once heard the president Yeltsin of Russia banned staples, he just didn’t like them. I think i would ban Halloween.

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