Been Reading Moltmann

Yes I have been reading from “The Crucified God” by Jurgen Moltmann. A friend copied a few pages for me to look at. Two quotes I have found particularly wonderful are the following:

From page 229.

“What kind of a poor being is a God who cannot suffer and cannot even die?”

“… a God who cannot suffer is poorer than any man. For a God who is incapable of suffering is a being who cannot be involved. Suffering and injustice do not affect him. And because he is so completely insensitive, he cannot be affected or shaken by anything. He cannot weep, for he has no tears. But the one who cannot suffer cannot love either.

From page 230

“What sort of being, then, would be a God who was only ‘almighty’? He would be a being without experience, a being without destiny and a being who is loved by no one. A man who experiences helplessness, a man who suffers because he loves, a man who can die, is therefore a richer being than an omnipotent God who cannot suffer, cannot love and cannot die.

I could have quoted more, there is so much that has been impacting me from this book. I have now been and bought some more books by Moltmann. I don’t know how I have neglected his writings for so long.

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