Four Rump-less Araucana Chickens for £1 each

Things I did on holiday.

Back now to the usual routine. And after a good break, it is good to be back to normality. 

Penny and I took our caravan to Norfolk, because neither of us had been there in many years

We had a great time and here are some of the things we did:

  • Picked sloe berries by the side of a footpath along a disused railway. Bought some gin and started the process of making sloe gin as a Christmas present for a friend.
  • Visited a working flour windmill. Bought some flour and will make some bread out of it
  • Viewed beach huts at Wells-Next-The-Sea. Saw one had been sold. Checked later and saw it had gone for £64,950! Walked the whole row and enjoyed the view.
  • Walked along banks of crystal-clear chalk bedded streams near Castle Acre.
  • Watched my wife having her feet nibbled by fish at one of these new fish pedicure places.

The highlight of my holiday? Simple! Being the owner of four chickens, the highlight of my holiday was a visit to the Saturday morning Swaffham Poultry Auction. I enjoyed it so much that I went there twice. I Tweeted that I was there and my friend #GavAitchison replied, “Look out for fowl play!” Duh!

It is difficult to explain why it was so good. Some of the people there were so interesting. Some of the old men there seemed to be uninterested in the auction and seemed to be there as part of their social life, chatting away as they did.

Some of the birds were obviously not well and the owners were trying to offload them to anyone gullible enough. The prices were very good though and I saw some amazing bargains going very cheap (or should that be ‘cheep’ – getting as bad as Gav now). Four Rump-less Araucana POLs (they lay blue shelled eggs) went for £1 each. If I had something to take them away in I probably would have bought.

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