Fraisthorpe Camp Weather

Today is hot and sunny and so far during camp it has been dry rather than wet. However, one wet day like Wednesday quickly gets the field boggy.

Yesterday a black cloud moved around the camp late in the morning and I caught in on the camera on my phone. It came out okay but still did not capture just how dark it was. See what you think. I’m glad it missed us.

In contrast to the dark skies, this is the view from my window when I wake in the mornings. Peaceful!

2 thoughts on “Fraisthorpe Camp Weather

  1. If you think this is bad you should have seen the pictures of last year’s Spring Harvest at what will be the new site! It was a complete sheet of mud with tiny islands of green just around the edges of each tent. Their camp is shorter than ‘Fraisthorpe’ so what it will be like after almost three weeks I dread to think. Just another reason why our party of 7, who attended Fraisthorpe this year, won’t be moving to the new place.

  2. Actually I do not think it is bad. My point was that the black cloud went round us.

    Spring Harvest do not use our new site.

    If you mean Harvest camp, I visited it last year and it was not bad at all. At that time I just been to Fraisthorpe which was so much like a bog we would have had to abandon the site.

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