Heading for a personal best at the York marathon 2013

Of course I am as, although I have done long runs before, I have never raced in a marathon. So it is bound to be my personal best even if I end up crawling over the finish line.

Only a few days to go now and it already too late now to add any more miles to my tank. All training is complete and it is now just easy runs to keep myself flexible and to preserve energy for Sunday.

I am now at the point where I am trying to make up my mind what to carry for nutrition such as which gel, or whether to stick with jelly babies (which have been fine on long runs previously). I could not get on with the SIS gels I tried but I have found the Highfive ones just right. Highfive even have a guide on their website about how many I am likely to need for a marathon.



I have often used the Highfive Zero tablets for hydration and my only complaint with them is that they fizz in the bottle as they dissolve so that when I run along and want a slurp I have to open carefully or I get a squirt in the eye – which has happened a few times.

I have decided on the shoes I will wear, as I have used them for a while and they don’t rub anywhere and are nice and light. They are a pair of Lunaglide+4 that I got less than half price at TKMaxx.


Am I optimistic about how it will go? I hope to finish in under 4 hours which in normal conditions should be okay. Problem for me is that I am not quite recovered from a sinus infection which has been making me feel as though I have flu and has been slowing me down on my training runs. Also, my left Achilles tendon is still sore to the touch after injuring it in July when I ran from Bristol to Bath. On a flat cycle path of all places! Don’t know how I managed that. But yes I am optimistic.

At church they are raising money for charity (Biojemmss) by guessing my finish time so I hesitate being too precise about what I expect. I aim to enjoy it though.


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