Hear the Dawn Chorus

Awake this morning at 3:30 AM listening to the dawn chorus. They eventually quietened down about 4:30 am.

I am not complaining though, I think it is a wonderful sound. A downside though is that once it wakes me up, it can then stop me getting off to sleep again.

I have often intended to record the dawn chorus from our home but have never got round to it. We live with many trees around us so it a good one, and the blackbird recently has been sounding great.

If you don’t have a dawn chorus near you you can try Birdsong radio. It is great. There are those moment when it is just the thing for relaxing. I had it on in the office yesterday.

This is the birdsong radio I prefer as the sound player on the other one does not seem to work with my machine.

Powered by Birdsong Radio

4 thoughts on “Hear the Dawn Chorus

  1. You mean ‘Awoke’ not ‘Awake’. And ‘moments’ not ‘moment’. And the first ‘listening’ was superfluous. And I would argue that it is blackbirds in the plural because you cannot be certain (and it is unlikely) that there is only one. I’d also put a comma between those two ‘you’s. And a semi-colon after the first ‘radio’. You’ve missed out the word ‘is’ in “so it is a good one” (can’t you put, “so it is a good/loud/lustrous/varied/high quality dawn chorus”?).

    In fact, did you write this at 3.30am?

    Just wait ’til Zoe sees it! She’ll be all over it!

  2. Graham’s daughter (by the way, you’ve got rid of your anonymity by mentioning Zoë (I believe your sister has a diaeresis in her name!) in your message), do you want to mark my students’ work for me?

  3. I think what Graham would really like to say is: “You’re all a bunch of Anoraks!” or to be more specific “a couple of Anoraks.”

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