I Have Hens

I decided to get some hens for the garden. My wife was not enthusiastic, to put it mildly, but she seems to have developed quite a liking for them already and we only got them on Friday.

There are four but one was hiding inside

There are four but one was hiding inside

I went for the York house as, once painted, it looks attractive in the garden and not as agricultural as some of the others available. I also wanted one that was well built with pressure treated wood. I didn’t get the run that could come with the York house but chose a different run which is all metal, was cheaper and was more the style I wanted. After all they are for decoration as well as eggs.

The Farmer’s Cart is more than a farm shop, it is a great place to eat, a very good deli, and they even sell hens! They do a package that includes the house, hens, feed, a book and a good back-up service in case the hens need treating for illness or even replacing. It is a great service yet it does not yet appear on their web site. They aught to get that sorted!

We have had some eggs but they are not all laying yet.

I spent a while on Sunday afternoon sitting in the autumn sunshine watching them. It is so relaxing. What a stress buster to watch as they wander about pecking or lazing in the sun. Penny said I should video them on my phone. I said I didn’t see the point as they do almost nothing and they are almost silent too. I relented and took a video. I was right, it is like watching paint dry. Perhaps I should send it to Dull Men’s Club.

Here it is anyway. Click on quiet hens below (you might have to right-click and choose your player).

quiet hens

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