Today it is early March and the country is being hit by severe storms. Like the last clinging grasp of what has seemed a long winter.

Last night I watched a recorded episode of ‘Lewis‘ (the successor to ‘Morse’).

The reasons for watching Lewis/Morse are many but include the visual delight of old Oxford stone and summer sun. Especially, at this time of the year, the summer sun (it always seems to be filmed in summer).

It reminded me of how brief summers seem when they are over, how wonderful the long days are yet how quickly taken for granted until they are gone.

Last week I did the funeral for my cousin Jackie, a lovely lady. It is times like that I am reminded how so many good things are easily taken for granted, people, moments, places..

Perhaps this lesson is something I should use to enhance my worship. I must learn to hold the moment, enjoy the good company and long summer days, then thank, wonder and worship. Perhaps that is one of the meaning of Ephesians 5:16 where we are told to be “making the most of every opportunity” or “redeeming the time” as the AV has it.

Today I will endeavour to hang on to the moments. To hold them and worship.

See my recent post ‘See like and Artist‘ for more thoughts on worship.

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