My Bank Phoned Me

Last night my bank telephoned me. Yes it was really them and not a scam. I bank with a well known telephone banking service and have been very happy with their service. They wanted to talk over my account. I suspect they will be doing it to most of their customers to make sure they can anticipate any difficulties arising in the current difficult economic climate.

I had not realised I had been with them for so long, I was told I joined them in the early 90s.

I was asked who I had changed from and why. I told my bank person the reason for I remember it clearly.

I banked with Nat West and went in to their newly refurbished branch in Hastings, where I was living. They had done away with old-fashioned counters that offered privacy, so business had to be done at a new reception counter alongside other customers also dealing with their affairs.

My matter was something trivial, but as I was talking with a bank clerk, a man came in and was dealt with at the counter right next to me. We ALL heard he was in his 50s and had just been made redundant and did not know what to do. We ALL heard the conversation at the new, modern, efficient, customer interface and noted that he was trying to fight back his tears. His voice kept breaking. I think all the other customers wished he could have been dealt with privately. The only people that did not seem embarrassed about all this were the clerks behind the counter. I wanted to flee from being a reluctant invader of the man’s privacy.

As I left there, I realised that if they could treat that man so badly, and their customer service was that stupid, they could treat me like that too. I decided I would not like to be a future victim of theirs. I decided then and there to change banks, and I did.

After I putting the phone down I recounted all this to my wife Penny. As I did so an advert came on the television for Nat West Bank.

Funny how some things stick in the mind.

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  1. Good for you. It’s horrible the way banks have gone, we are treated like livestock rather than human beings. But aren’t new open plan banks just a byproduct of a cavalier banking and lending culture? You could saunter in and be given credit and saunter out again without ever feeling the weight of responsibility that credit incurs. I wonder if we will see the open plan banks slowly changing back again!?

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