My #Christmas Day row. It was all meant to be love and harmony and I thought they would be pleased

A friend had brought me the dvd of Chicken Run (which I had never yet seen). I showed to my chickens.

They asked was I sure it was meant for me and not for them. Now, I am fond of them as friends but they do have a tendency to snatch at things. I replied that it was mine but I was willing to share. They then insisted that instead of them coming to me, as there are five of them and only one of me, I should visit them in their house and we should all watch it together. Anything to avoid a scene on Christmas Day, I thought. So I agreed.

Well it was such a squash and I only mentioned once that I had got some of their bedding on my clothes when I bumped my head on one of their perch bars, but that is when it all kicked off.


I think at the bottom of it all is the bedding. I have been putting shredded rape stems on the bottom of their coop (really sold as horse bedding) but they preferred the old stuff, shredded hemp stems with bit of eucalyptus pellet to give a scent (also for horses).

I don’t know why they went on about. But then they said if got it again they wouldn’t smoke it. Smoke it?! That would have never entered my head had they not placed the thought there. Did they smoke it? I remember a smell in the summer and I had thought it was a particularly fruity bonfire. But come to think of it it did have that special smell.

I tried to change the subject and tried to cheer them up by showing them another present I had received, a plastic gadget to make square shaped boiled eggs. Big mistake! They said it was “not respectful”.

I will let them out for a wander along the street this afternoon, then I will give them some mixed corn and they will have forgotten about it by tomorrow morning.

I wish they would stop going on about that hemp bedding though. They keep glaring at me.

Merry Christmas. And as Tiny Tim said, “God bless us, everyone.”

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