The 16 hour fasting cure for jet lag

Being in New York was great fun. I even had time for a ridiculously huge sandwich at Carnegie Deli and some cheesecake. Both were so huge I had to share them with the others I was with.

And oh joy, I was even able to go running around Central Park thanks to the kind people at the New York Roadrunners Club. I had  heard about them on the internet when researching for somewhere to get changed. Thanks to for that info. If you do try to follow the advice there you need to know that it is not as easy at Hunter College as suggested.

I think there is a business opportunity here, showers, lockers and changing rooms for visitors who want to run the park. Yes I know some could use their hotel facilities but I was staying at an apartment too far away to do that. I think this could be a great ministry opportunity for a church to do, if it is within a few block of the park.

Anyway…  what about the jet lag on return to the UK?

I am back now and can confirm that I have entirely avoided any jet lag. The method works!

I was in New York to attend some conferences that were focussing on the increasing collaboration that exists between churches. It was mainly people from the USA but three of us went there from the UK to share news of some of the unity groups in the UK. I of course was able to talk about One Voice York.

Will this 16 hour fasting method eventually be debunked as a placebo? I could respond by saying that if it is a placebo it doesn’t matter, so long as it works. Problem with that thinking is that if it is proved to be a placebo then I would not longer believe it. Therefore it would not longer work for me. But then again it does work.

The method is to work out what time you will have breakfast in the new time zone. From that breakfast time you count backwards 16 hours and during those 16 hours you fast, drinking only water. The first breakfast one upon arrival should be a substantial one with plenty of protein. This method is supposed to re-set our internal clock. It will not take away any fatigue due to lack of sleep on the plane (which is not jet lag), but is meant to deal with discomfort and tiredness that results from the change in time zones.

I arrived back in York yesterday afternoon after arriving from New York into Heathrow at about 7:30 am. I had the breakfast in the airport before getting the train back to York. I could feel that I had only dozed for about three hours, but apart from that I have had not sense of jet lag at all. I even went for a run yesterday afternoon after getting back into York and have been able to work in the office all day today with out feeling anything our of the ordinary.

It worked too when I flew to China a while ago. I will definitely do this 16 hour fast thing again!

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    • No I didn’t eat on the plane. This time others on Virgin Atlantic and the meal there are nothing special. Last Tim I did it it was on Air France and those were good meals that I was foregoing. A small price to pay though to avoid jet lag.

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