Visiting Brid

This year our youth and family camp at Fraisthorpe has been enjoying good weather most days but today it is raining. Having been busy for the last few days I decided it was time to get off the field for break before I get cabin fever.

Next year the Elim camp will be at a new site and there will be more interesting places to visit nearby offsite. At Fraisthorpe Camp it has usually been a choice of Bridlington or the shopping outlet at Hornsey. I have had enough of Brid, which I never liked much, and I have now overdosed.

I went there today in the rain. A memory that will stay with me is the repeated scene as I walked by, the sight of retired people in the many down-market cafes looking out into the gray skies. Their thoughts seemed to be written on their faces, “Is there life? No, not in Brid!”

One thought on “Visiting Brid

  1. I went to Bridlington once. It was shut.

    Seriously though, last year I tried to find tea in Brid during the camp and was so appalled by the city centre – so dreary and dull! Decided never to go back again and have only found the courage to speak of it today.

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