You Put a Sparkler Where?

I have just returned from a week long holiday in the Lake District. The area is know for its rainfall but when I have been there it has nearly always been dry and sunny, not this time, it rained all week. I’m not complaining though, Penny and I had a great time and enjoyed being together on our 30th wedding anniversary. We took good waterproofs so we were okay. What a marvel Paramo clothing is. I have had my jacket for nine years and it still performs as good as new. I had my previous one for ten years.

If I have one complaint of the Lake District it is that most of the coffee I was served in various places was weak. Perhaps it says something about the sort of customer they expect.

While there we bought a copy of The Keswick Reminder. It is a weekly newspaper which looks quaint it is so old fashioned. We bought it to look up events but can not resist sharing an article with you entitled, “Mayor’s Comments Outrage Entertainer.”

The article is about some street entertainers that had been performing and the Mayor was complaining that it was disgusting, and a local entertainer was defending the visiting performers. Because I had speed-read it, I missed it and had to go through it again to see what the problem was.

I saw:

Their act is controversial, but there’s nothing illegal about it. I know the Crown Prosecution Service won’t press charges. In fact the audiences in Keswick loved it.

Then I found what all the fuss what about:

Mr Purkis [the Mayor] had branded the acrobatic act by a duo called Skate Naked from Bristol, “disgraceful behaviour” and said that people should be indignant that it should be seen on Keswick streets. During their show in the Market Square the performers, wearing sock and thongs, placed lighted sparklers between their buttocks.

What is it about me? After laughing out loud I can not stop myself thinking of questions. Was it raining then? How dangerous is it doing that? And is there a great deal of job satisfaction from that?

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  1. Yeah, there must be a certain degree of trial and error. Timing would be crucial. It’s not a hobby I would wish to pursue either, would take too much explaining. I don’t think the world is ready for me in that role yet.

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