Put a small pudding in the microwave and wondered what to have with it. I would have liked yoghourt but we were out of it.

I looked in the cupboard and saw two small tins of evaporated milk. “Don’t normally have this” I thought, “but one of these will do.”

I took one out, opened it and poured it over. It had no special flavour, which was odd, as it had a caramel colour.

After eating it all up I looked at the tin to see why it was a dark colour.

I found the ‘use by’ date – 2002! Eight years old. That will account for odd colour then.

I have decided not to eat the other tin.

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4 thoughts on “Yummy

  1. Reminds me of the time I took the last sip of a cup of tea. It felt like there was a little clump of UHT milk in the bottom, I rolled it around my mouth with my tongue trying to break it up. When it didn’t, I spat it out to find that it was a fly…..yum….

  2. I’ve still not recovered from the black baked beans that I had for lunch at your house. Out of date foodstuffs are always a hazard when you have a Dad that actively seeks out tins that have been discounted because they are past their date, have lost their original labels and are from the ‘U.S.S.R’.

    John – get glasses. How did you miss that?

  3. Wow Tim, 50 year old chicken. We were so hard up when we got married that we virtually lived on the remains of the wedding cake. That chicken would have gone.

    Imagine humping it about over the years though. It is the keeping of it that seems odd to me rather than the eating of it.

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